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The Enterprise Blockchain CPQ Platform

Why Global CPQ?

Intelligent Pricing Solutions for Complex Markets

The Enterprise Procurement software landscape has made a significant shift over the past 5+ years.  In the past, enterprise procurement software was designed and built with a focus on the buying organization’s (customers/buyers) key interests and goals, but with little or no focus on the interests and goals of the selling organization.


In recent years, the emergence of Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) technology has enabled selling organizations and the salespeople at these organizations the ability to provide customers more accurate real-time pricing, streamlined approval processes, and faster quote-to-cash cycles.

With the emergence of digital currencies into the global marketplace, these processes will become highly complex and organizations on both sides (buyers and sellers) will need to reconsider the way they are handling price quotes and sales cycles for cross-border transactions.  Quotes will need to be based on not only the existing currency exchange considerations, but also based upon the digital currency of preference for buyers and sellers.

The Challenge

The Pricing Landscape has Evolved

Time Kills All Deals. A typical enterprise sales rep spends only 15% of their time actually selling.


60% of enterprise buyers want to discuss price during the first call with a vendor.

In the age of digital currencies, access to real-time pricing data will become even more critical than it is today, and the complexity of the pricing data on the various digital currencies will continue to grow exponentially. Current Enterprise IT systems will need to be integrated to bridge the technology gap.  

Buyers and sellers will want the flexibility to conduct transactions using the currency of their choice.  

Salespeople across the globe will need access to cloud based intelligence systems in order to find the optimal price to get sales and contracts executed quickly and efficiently.  


Current Enterprise IT systems are not ready for the digital currency marketplace of tomorrow, but your business must find a way to keep up and stay competitive.

Our Solution

The Future of Enterprise Blockchain Procurement

The Global CPQ Platform is revolutionizing the way large companies conduct buying and selling activities. 


We are your pricing intelligence engine for driving sales and procurement in a highly complex and competitive pricing market.


Our intelligent pricing Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) and Quote-to-Cash optimization platform is built upon blockchain technology, and integrates directly with your existing CRM and ERP systems. 

By leveraging DApps, Smart Contracts, and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), we enable enterprise buyers and sellers all around the world to quickly identify optimal price points and terms to get the deal done fast, in any country, with any currency.